Stepfamily Mission POSSIBLE!

Blended Superpowers | Featuring Miya Hunter-Willis | Episode #43

September 09, 2021 Season 4 Episode 43
Stepfamily Mission POSSIBLE!
Blended Superpowers | Featuring Miya Hunter-Willis | Episode #43
Show Notes

What does Superman have to do with step family living? Superman wears an outlandish costume. He uses a code name and he fights evil with the aid of extraordinary ability. (Thank you Wikipedia for the full description read in the intro.)

Often in step families, it feels like we've been sent to another planet, transitioning into a new family while desperately missing those left behind.

We encounter strange customs, languages and norms. It can feel like we don't quite fit in. There are times I've longed for a colorful costume embedded with superhuman flying capabilities to...well, truthfully, fly away from the more difficult challenges in my blend. Attacks of kryptonite have immobilized me.

I'm not the only one experiencing culture shock. The kids are too. That's the subject of today's rebroadcast.

Just as it's important to take inventory of our superpowers from time to time, we revisit key episodes that illustrate the power of sowing seeds into your legacy so you can live your best step family life right now.

Let's take inventory of unique perspectives of what it's like to live life in a blend from the stepchild's perspective. Welcome again, Miya Hunter-Willis to  Stepfamily Mission POSSIBLE!

Miya shares things that happen to you do not need to define you. She also shares insights on progress over perfection. Bill and Jen invite you to focus on that very thing as you Blend Beautifully Together.

Welcome to today's episode of  Stepfamily Mission POSSIBLE!, where we focus, not just on legacy building, but on living your legacy right now in your stepfamily.

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P.S. Check out Episode #17 for Part 2 of our conversation with Miya!