Stepfamily Mission POSSIBLE!

Ditch That Date! | Episode #41

August 26, 2021 Season 4 Episode 41
Stepfamily Mission POSSIBLE!
Ditch That Date! | Episode #41
Show Notes

Welcome to Stepfamily Mission POSSIBLE! YOU ARE FAMILY HERE!
I inhaled deeply.  The scent of the fabric softener filled the tiny laundry room as I opened the dryer door – not because I had this deep desire to fold laundry…nope. Instead, I was looking for tasks to take my mind off the disappointing evening. An evening that left me questioning what on earth I was doing back in the dating scene.  

Hours before, I had been looking forward to a lovely dinner meeting someone new. And then…as I was admiring my painted nails looking so pretty in my gorgeous heels, a beep on my phone alerted me of a new message.  While I was on time, early even, waiting in the restaurant lobby as I thought about this first date, mystery man was miles away.

“I’m running a little late.  I needed to take care of something.”  So…

Listen in for the rest of the story that leads me to today’s podcast, focusing on VALUES. Values are things that you believe are important in the way you live, work, and “do” family. They often determine your priorities, impacting every area of your life.  When you live in alignment with your values, you experience more joy and contentment.  But, when things feel out of alignment, like they often can in stepfamilies (especially at the beginning), you experience frustration and chaos. This can be a real source of unhappiness. This is why making a conscious effort to identify your values is so important. Bill and I talk about how this plays out in stepfamily life in today’s episode of Stepfamily Mission POSSIBLE! P.S. Guys – heads up – you just don’t go Dutch, ok?

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