Stepfamily Mission POSSIBLE!

Is It You? Or, Is It Your Representative? Episode #38

August 05, 2021 Season 4 Episode 38
Stepfamily Mission POSSIBLE!
Is It You? Or, Is It Your Representative? Episode #38
Show Notes

 Welcome to Stepfamily Mission POSSIBLE! YOU ARE FAMILY HERE!

Did you catch the Stepfamily Mission POSSIBLE! tagline? When the idea came to me, it felt so right.  So good. So welcoming! It's focused on the most important aspect of our role in our families. You are family here!  All too often in stepfamilies, we focus on the step. That focus sometimes causes us to forget our gifts.  Our God-given strengths.  Our superpowers

That got us thinking about what to share with you next.  Welcome to episode 38! In this episode we do a deep dive into the first stage of our membership, Start With You

At Stepfamily Mission POSSIBLE!, we believe all things are possible with God.  Nowhere in the bible do we find God distinguishing between step and non step families. Do you?  Instead, we read of God’s blessings and goodness for marriages.  We read His guidance for how to love with the love of Jesus.  I am reminded of the scripture that graced our wedding invitation, “We love because He first loved us.” 1 John 4:19

In today’s episode Bill and I explore what it means to Start With You. Remember when you first met? How expectant you were of exciting things between you and your date? Was that really you? Or, was it your representative on best behavior?

8 years ago, when Bill and I were dating, it was electrifying!  The hum of excitement was visceral – from the warm feeling inside revealed by the flush on my cheeks to the high energy levels surging through my body – I couldn’t wait to spend time with him!  We acknowledged each others’ gifts and celebrated them.  We didn’t call them superpowers per se, but they were definitely super-powerful! These strengths are key gifts that will help us Blend Beautifully, Together – if – and only if – we nurture them in one another.  In this episode, we celebrate them and discuss how we can use them to parent our families well.  

A quick reflection on superpowers: Bill and I re-discovered ours when we took the time to help others focus on their strengths during a stepfamily couples’ challenge we hosted earlier this year.  Here’s what Bill said, “I’m a synthesizer, taking complex things and making them simple, and Jen is the consummate encourager, so together, we’re “Simply Encouraging!

I’m curious, How would you and your partner describe your couples' superpower? Ready to Start With You and recapture that starry-eyed love affair?  Great! Let’s get started!

We pray you enjoy this episode of Stepfamily Mission POSSIBLE!, and if so, rate and review!
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