Stepfamily Mission POSSIBLE!

Are Things Sometimes Weird In Your Stepfamily? #37

July 29, 2021 Bill & Jen Rogers, Stepfamily Mission POSSIBLE! Season 4 Episode 37
Stepfamily Mission POSSIBLE!
Are Things Sometimes Weird In Your Stepfamily? #37
Show Notes

Welcome to Stepfamily Mission POSSIBLE! YOU ARE FAMILY HERE!
Season 4 kicks off with a new name and co-host! With nearly a year of hosting under my belt, it’s time to shake things up as we build upon the energy of Blended on the Bluff and embrace Stepfamily Mission POSSIBLE! Consider it analogous to moving into a new house. As you begin to position furniture and unpack boxes, you make “get started” choices.  The furniture may stay in that room, the plates will likely stay in this kitchen cupboard, the washer and dryer are definitely in the right spot, and this thing in the box, well… “Why on earth did we even move that here?”!

As we move into this new season, we explore what it means to put into practice “All things are possible with God.” Yes.  All things stepfamily, are possible, with Jesus at the center.

Are things sometimes weird in your stepfamily? Have you found yourself feeling uncomfortable talking about certain things with your partner? As I revved the equipment up to set to record with my next guest, this is exactly what I experienced.  Despite totally enjoying the podcasting format with amazing expert guests in previous seasons, I began to feel unqualified. Nervous.  Flummoxed.


Tune into this week's episode to find out!

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