Stepfamily Mission POSSIBLE!

Stepfamily Mission POSSIBLE! | Featuring Jen Rogers #36

June 17, 2021 Season 3 Episode 36
Stepfamily Mission POSSIBLE!
Stepfamily Mission POSSIBLE! | Featuring Jen Rogers #36
Show Notes

Guess what? The Bluff is getting a makeover! As I hang another number on my birthday tree this week, I’m beginning to see a future vision take place.  It starts with a name. If I were to ask you to give me a biblical example of when God gave someone a name change, who would you choose?

  • Abram to Abraham?
  • Sarai to Sarah?
  • Jacob to Israel?
  • Simon to Cephas or Peter?
  • Hadassah to Esther?
  • Or the writer of much of the new testament – Saul to Paul?

I was first struck with the importance of a name change when I got remarried.  I recall a friend asking me whether I was taking my man’s last name or keeping my own. After all, my entire career and past 24 years I was known by a different name.  When responding to my friend, I chuckled and thought, “I hadn’t really considered this aspect of remarrying before!” And as soon as I said that, I realized I was going to change my name. Better stated, I knew then, just as I do now, that God’s hand was in this name change. 

The new name was yet another sign of dramatic changes occurring underneath the surface.  God had been moving in my life as I had invited him into my everyday.  While I grew up in a church, I didn’t have the deep connections, relationships, or mentoring to understand what knowing Jesus was all about.  That’s not discrediting those in my circle of influence, it’s merely a statement of my lack of knowing and exploring who Jesus was to me.

As Blended on the Bluff transitions, we will continue to explore and apply who Jesus is to stepfamilies. I invite you along for the amazing journey where all things are possible with God. And yes, that means being successful in your blend is what this podcast, Stepfamily Mission POSSIBLE!, is all about.  We'll be back in July with makeover art and new conversations and a surprise guest co-host!

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