Stepfamily Mission POSSIBLE!

Do It Scared! | Featuring Tess Scott #35

June 10, 2021 Season 3 Episode 35
Stepfamily Mission POSSIBLE!
Do It Scared! | Featuring Tess Scott #35
Show Notes

You know when you're experiencing significant conflict with another person and you just can't see a way out?  God sees you.  God uses it all to place people and events in  your path to move you along to fulfilling His calling on your life, covered with grace.

Have you found yourself struggling to forgive someone who has hurt you deeply?  Listen in as my next guest, Tess Scott, shares deep truths about the power of forgiveness -- both giving and receiving. 

Our conversation covered many areas, with an emphasis on 4 Key Areas:
1.  It's not going to happen quickly
2.  Avoid the comparison trap
3.  You are your own family; Blended Parents are uniquely gifted to be the stewards
4.   Value "layers" don't always line up, especially when we're dealing with high conflict exes.

Here are some other nuggets!

  • Your stepfamily motto?  Don't have one? How about Do It Scared!
  • Obedience - for Tess, it relates to her writing.  What is God calling you to?
  • There's only room for one mom. Where does that leave the stepmom, then?
  • Forgiveness is freeing.
  • While you may not love your ex, you love your kid! You're just going to have to suck some things up for the sake of the children!
  • Powerful pauses
  • Holy promptings

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