Stepfamily Mission POSSIBLE!

Read It Again! The Power of Repetition | Featuring Anne Eliza #32

May 20, 2021 Season 3 Episode 32
Stepfamily Mission POSSIBLE!
Read It Again! The Power of Repetition | Featuring Anne Eliza #32
Show Notes

Once upon a time, there was a lovely young lady named Anne who joined me on the podcast, brightening up the virtual room, delighting the people as she told a story of the power of family, books, purpose, respect, commitment, and love.

UPDATE 6/2/21! MEMBERSHIP IS CLOSING SOON!  EMAIL ANNE @ [email protected] no later than SUNDAY, JUNE 6 to get in as a founding member!

On today's podcast episode, we share experiences that flow from sharing stories with others - stories are a fabulous way to create and build connections with those you spend time with!

No matter our age, who doesn't love a great story?  Anne's passion for Jesus, singing, kids, and story time has bubbled up into building a membership created for littles that incorporates the Five Literacy Tips for Kids - Singing, Reading, Writing, Playing, Talking.

I dedicate this episode to Anne's parents, Tim  and Becca Pasma, inspirational parents weaving song and story into praise in each of their children!

Blended parents, do NOT undersell the power of your presence, love, commitment and story time! God has placed you in your family for a purpose.  May the work of your hands glorify Him!

Looking for a way to incorporate the Literacy Tips without a struggle? Anne is about to kick off a new membership to bring story time into your home with ease.  Christian books and songs are a small part of the genius of Anne's membership.  Reduce parental decision-fatigue about which books to choose and which songs to sing when you become a part of Anne's Library Time for Littles! You can find all things Anne on insta and youtube. Be sure to catch the details on her founding members launch on insta-live & FB for her new Library Time or Littles!

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P.S. Did you catch Anne's song at the end?  It's soooo fun!
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