Stepfamily Mission POSSIBLE!

Drawn Into Battle | Featuring Cheryl Shumake (Part 2) #21

March 04, 2021 Season 3 Episode 7
Stepfamily Mission POSSIBLE!
Drawn Into Battle | Featuring Cheryl Shumake (Part 2) #21
Show Notes

Are liabilities in your blend creating unwanted battles in your home? Join us as we use the analogy of investing in your home as it relates to diving into a new stepfamily -- it takes time to build equity within your home!

As a blended parent, how do you gain authority in your home?  Have you recognized the impact of permissive authority in your blend?   

Who gives it? Rescinds it? Remands it? The Authority Grantors.

Cheryl and I discuss that the authority you have as a stepparent comes from the bio parents and your stepkids.  A person with INFLUENCE always has access whereas simply being in a position of authority doesn't necessarily give you influence or access to your child's heart.

Listen in as Cheryl Shumake and I pick up where we left off in an enlightening conversation about 1) the differences between being a peacekeeper and a peacemaker; 2) the distinctions related to authority and influence, and 3) the 'gulp' in the gulf! 

While Cheryl carries many titles, her most recent is author of Waiting to Be Wanted: A Stepmom's Guide to Loving Before Being Loved.  Her most celebrated role, however, is daughter of the King!  Learn more about Cheryl's genius and to purchase her new release, Waiting to Be Wanted, at

I dedicate this episode to the casualties on the Blended Battlefield.  Our God provides the healing balm for all of your wounds.  I lift you up in prayer, knowing the God's grace is sufficient.  You are worthy of your calling. 
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