Stepfamily Mission POSSIBLE!

The Yuck Dump! Featuring Rachel Bailey #18

February 11, 2021 Season 3 Episode 5
Stepfamily Mission POSSIBLE!
The Yuck Dump! Featuring Rachel Bailey #18
Show Notes

"That's yucky."  Picture a two year old turning up her nose at dinnertime...just before the tantrum comes.  Fast forward decades later, she may turn up her nose again, albeit with a sophisticated twist: "My family life is exhausting. "  Both are forms of Yuck, because Yuck is like that...a slithering snake of a lost job, the pain of a breakup or confusion caused by the aftershocks of divorce. Or, the chaos of blending families.  Yes friends, if you're blended, you've experienced Yuck!

So, how do you deal with it all? Listen in for key strategies from Rachel Bailey, a parenting specialist, who lit up the podcast with practical, everyday solutions to manage the Yuck.

Join me in welcoming Rachel to the Bluff today!  She's a woman on a mission to  help parents feel more in control while raising responsible, resilient, confident kids. 

In this episode, Rachel and I share the importance of parenting for the long haul. We talk about the beauty of how the brain works to protect us from Yuck, the dangers of band-aid parenting, and five emotional needs we have, whether parents or kids. 

Can you relate to any of these needs?

1.       Connection & intimacy (we are social creatures by nature)
2.       Significance (we have a need to know we matter)
3.       Capability (we need to know we can handle what life throws at us)
4.       Control (we need to feel a sense of control; predictability)
5.       Security (we need to know that everything is going to be ok)

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“Your Parenting Long Game doesn’t take longer. It just lasts longer.”
– Rachel Bailey

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